What You Need to Know About Wax Seal in Singapore

by Jay Wong
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Wax sealing in Singapore now is quite popular as a wedding invitation decoration, packaging ornaments, and other arts and crafts. It is simple, unique, beautiful, and easy to make even from scratch. 

What is a Wax Seal?  

Wax seal is made of wax that is pressed down until it’s cooled and hardened. 

In the past, the wax seal was mainly used for sealing envelopes or documents so that its confidentiality can be ensured. If the letter is tampered with, the wax seal would break, so with a wax seal, one can be sure that the content of the letter is safe. 

After the adhesive has discovered and technology advanced, not only that the use of the wax seal is decreased, but the number of people sending out letters only deteriorated too. So, the wax seal is no longer popular especially for sending out letters. 

However, in the past several years, the wax seal has taken popularity once more as a form of art and craft, and on some occasions, it is also used along with letters to create a unique impression, such as for formal correspondence. 

Types of Wax Seal 

There are at least two popular types of wax seals, which are the traditional wax seal blend and the flexible wax seal blend. These two have different characteristics from each other and can be used for different purposes as well because of that. 

First, let’s learn about the traditional wax blend. This type of wax has the traditional composition that has been used since the first time the wax seal was invented. It solidifies hard and at the same time easy to break, making it the perfect type of wax blend to make as a wax seal that ensures the confidentiality of a document. But because it is easy to break, it is not recommended to send out letters with traditional wax seal through the mail. If you wish to know about the information you can visit professorprint.com to understand more. 

Instead, use a flexible wax blend because it is mixed with resin for extra flexibility that makes it less breakable and easier to control once melted as well. This type of wax seal blend can also be used on a larger variety of surfaces, even curved ones due to its flexibility.  

Wax Sealing Tools 

To make your own wax seal, you need either a wax sealing spoon or a glue gun, depending on your preference. The wax format also needs to be adjusted to the type of equipment that you use. A wax sealing spoon is a classic tool for wax sealing, where it needs a separate heat source of an open fire such as a candle to help you melt down the wax. Meanwhile, a tool like a glue gun is more sophisticated as it does not require a separate heat source and more convenient. A wax sealing spoon is best used with bead wax format, meanwhile, the glue gun can use a stick type of wax as the most compatible wax format.  

Next, you also need a wax sealing stamp. This is very important and a must. A wax sealing stamp can either be bought pre-made, or you can make a custom order with a custom design to make a unique wax sealing stamp of your own.

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