Design Thinking: A Proposal From Mandreel To Boost Your Digital Campaigns

by Jay Wong
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Marketing and advertising is a market where there has always been and will always be competition, whether by creative brands, scientific companies, or even strategists who must keep up to date to offer the best products and services on the market. For this, it is necessary to have tools like design thinking, a tool that allows you to deliver to your consumers at least one of the most expected factors.

What is Design Thinking? has been experimenting with this strategy and has defined it as the strategic vision that a designer applies to solve problems. Taking this definition to the context of digital marketing, it refers to the development of a campaign based on a creation stage in which a final product that satisfies the need or interest of the public must be delivered.

This strategy is applied in different areas of digital marketing, such as copywriting, web design, or even site programming. In order to make correct use of design thinking, considers 3 fundamental elements that must be linked to achieving optimal results; Empathy, Creativity, and Rationality.

Design Thinking in Digital Marketing

After integrating design thinking in digital marketing, it allows organizing information in a more natural way, facilitating a more adequate flow and thus increasing the chances of achieving objectives. To find solutions to the problems presented by the brand, Mandreel resorts to the following phases:


In this phase, the group of professionals studies the general panorama of the target, obtaining a better perspective that allows them to better understand the users, define essential characteristics, identify navigation patterns, recognize the language, and even their lifestyle. It is also this phase of deciphering how to address their needs.


Once you have all the information from the public, it is time to focus on all the strategies to be used in tools that provide value to the consumer. Always using simplicity and effectiveness in each content, making it more accessible for them and for the brand itself.


With the objective and the audience in mind, the next thing the Mandreel team does to establish a campaign is to create different strategies to make the value proposition established. Here, we resort to the theories of neuroscience and neuromarketing in order to interest the audience.


Once the group gathers all the possible proposals or strategies to be used, they are compared among them, edited, or combined until the most efficient and appropriate one is obtained. At this point, it is essential to make a complete analysis of the context and discard those proposals that are not feasible. Simply identify which are the best elements and how you can apply them to obtain the best results.


Once the best proposal is obtained, it is time to see if it can be extrapolated to different resources or media. Some ideas may be more useful for something, while others could be used for other purposes. In this phase, the metrics are analyzed and any weaknesses that may arise when making changes are defined. has a complete team of professionals, executives, and artists, who know very well the procedures to be performed and how they should be performed. In this way, they are able to establish a unique design of their marketing strategy and drive their brand to success.  

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