Comprehensive Guide to Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Program 2024

by Brian Dunn
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The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program is an initiative by the Malaysian government to attract foreign nationals to live in Malaysia on a long-term basis. This program offers various benefits, including the opportunity to invest in property, access to quality healthcare, and an overall high standard of living at an affordable cost.

Eligibility Criteria

The MM2H program has specific eligibility requirements to ensure that applicants can support themselves financially while living in Malaysia. The key criteria include:

  1. Age: Applicants must be at least 35 years old.
  2. Financial Requirements:
    • For applicants under 50 years: Minimum offshore income of RM 10,000 per month and a fixed deposit of RM 300,000 in a Malaysian bank.
    • For applicants 50 years and above: Minimum offshore income of RM 10,000 per month and a fixed deposit of RM 150,000 in a Malaysian bank.
  3. Health Insurance: Applicants must have valid health insurance covering medical expenses in Malaysia.
  4. Good Conduct: Applicants should have no criminal record and must be of good conduct.

Benefits of the MM2H Program

The MM2H program offers numerous benefits, making Malaysia an attractive destination for expatriates:

  1. Property Ownership: Participants can own property in Malaysia, making it an ideal option for those looking to invest in real estate.
  2. Quality Healthcare: Malaysia boasts an excellent healthcare system with modern facilities and well-trained medical professionals.
  3. Affordable Living: The cost of living in Malaysia is relatively low compared to Western countries, allowing participants to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without breaking the bank.
  4. Cultural Richness: Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures, offering a diverse and vibrant living experience.
  5. Travel Opportunities: MM2H participants can travel freely in and out of Malaysia without any hassle.

Recent Changes to the MM2H Program

In 2024, the Malaysian government introduced several changes to the MM2H program to attract more high-income individuals and elite applicants:

  1. Introduction of Tiers: The program is now divided into three tiers – Platinum, Gold, and Silver, each with different financial and age requirements.
  2. Lowered Age Limit: The minimum application age has been reduced from 35 to 25 years.
  3. Updated Agent Regulations: MM2H agents must now comply with new licensing regulations, ensuring better quality of service for applicants.

Application Process

The application process for the MM2H program involves several steps:

  1. Pre-Application Assessment: Evaluate your eligibility based on the financial and age requirements.
  2. Submit Application: Prepare and submit the necessary documents, including proof of income, medical reports, and a letter of good conduct.
  3. Conditional Approval: Upon receiving conditional approval, make the required fixed deposit in a Malaysian bank.
  4. Final Submission: Submit proof of the fixed deposit, health insurance, and other required documents.
  5. Approval and Visa Issuance: Once all documents are verified, the MM2H visa will be issued, allowing you to stay in Malaysia for ten years.


The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) program is an excellent opportunity for foreign nationals seeking a long-term stay in a country known for its cultural diversity, high-quality healthcare, and affordable living. With recent changes aimed at attracting more elite applicants, the MM2H program continues to be a popular choice for expatriates worldwide.

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