5 Valuable Sites for Every Entrepreneur

by Jay Wong
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If you want to start your own business and have searched the internet to find relevant information about the industry, then this information will be quite useful for you. Every business owner needs to comprehend the field in which they will operate. That is why many create their blog or website lists to check regularly and keep abreast of everything that is happening in the business world. Don’t have yours? Do not worry! We bring you this selection of 5 valuable sites for every entrepreneur.

  1. Influencive.

Brian D. Evans, the Inc. 500 entrepreneur, founded an online publication in 2006. This is called Influence, a website that shares unconventional but useful Enterprise posts. Most of them are focused on entrepreneurship and the block chain. Besides, they give tips to achieve success in the business industry. Its writers are from all over the world, so you will read different perspectives on any questions you may have.

  • Harvard Business Review.

This is another of the valuable sites for every entrepreneur, regardless of the experience level they have. Whether you are at the beginning of your business career or you are in charge of a company with some years in the market, Harvard Business Review will be useful for you. Broadly, it offers content aimed at helping professionals around the world improve their leadership practices and expand their knowledge to manage their projects and organizations more effectively.

  • Business Insider.

Business Insider is a business website founded by former Wall Street analyst Henry Blodget. It also featured Kevin Ryan and Dwight Merriman, both founders of DoubleClick. It hit the web in 2007 and is currently considered one of the largest commercial news sites on the Internet. Furthermore, it is one of the favorites of entrepreneurs who want to learn about business growth, finance, media, and technology.

  • Startup Digest.

This is a blog that was born from an experiment and became a great success in the small business industry. Startup Digest provides interviews, tips, recommendations on everything related to the business world. However, what stands out the most about this site is that it turns out to be an excellent place to get answers for questions about areas such as finance, marketing, and accounting. It is truly valuable for entrepreneurs who are just starting their projects.

  • Startup Grind.

Startup Grind is a project supported by Google For Entrepreneurs. This focuses on the publication of UGC articles with topics related to emerging companies and entrepreneurship. Its main objective is to motivate and educate entrepreneurs around the world. To do this, it shows success stories and interviews that the team conducts with company founders in more than 150 countries.

Other websites you can check it out:

  1. Moconews.net
  2. Lonestartimes.com
  3. KissMyDear.com.tw
  4. Mokis.tw
  5. LifeDaily.tw

Do you see how valuable these websites can be to entrepreneurs like you? Review them and tell us which one is your favorite!

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