You Should Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before Making a Packaging Sticker!

by Brian Dunn
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A packaging sticker is commonly used by people. There are several reasons why people choose to use it. The packaging sticker is easy to make, has an affordable price, and easy to use. The reason can be more than those already mentioned. If you also have an intention to make it, especially for your business, it is a good idea! But before you can make it, maybe you can ask yourself these several questions. These questions can help you identify some of the essential things for making a good packaging sticker. So, here is the question you can ask!

1. Do you know about the size of the packaging sticker that you wanna make?

You should determine the size of your packaging sticker before you make it. If you know the exact dimension size for your packaging sticker, its good! But, if you have no idea about it, then you can estimate it. You can try to use a paper to help you determine the size. Cut the paper in a certain size. Then, try to put it on the packaging. By doing this, you will know the best size for your sticker.

2. What kind of Information that you want to include on the sticker?

There is no restriction if you can’t put any information on the packaging sticker. But, since the space is limited, then you should choose the most important information to include on it. You can consider including your business name, product, logo, address, phone number, email, website, ingredients, or other information that you think necessary.

3. Do you have any idea about the design?

Before creating a packaging sticker, you need to imagine about its concept. So, it will make you easier when it comes to design the sticker. There are a few things you should pay more attention to when designing the sticker. The things are including tone color and space. Please, don’t use the same tone color for background and font. It will make people difficult to read the information on the sticker. As a solution, choose the contrast color for the font and background. It will help people easier to read the information on the sticker. Then for space, since it is limited, you should use it carefully. Be careful about putting a lot of things as a decoration item on your sticker. Just keep it simple will be a good decision for you!

4. Who will design it?

You can use design apps for helping you create a good packaging sticker. For example, you can choose to use Adobe and Corel to design the sticker. But, if you can’t design it because you have a busy schedule or you can’t operate the apps, or maybe you have another reason that makes you can not design it. Don’t be worry! You can hire a designer to help you design the sticker! So, that why you need to ask yourself about who will design the sticker.

5. Where do you want to print stickers?

This is the last question that important to ask. This question helps you to find a good printing service for making your sticker become the “real” one. The quality of printing is crucial since it will affect the sticker look. So, you can visit Singapore sticker printing for good quality printing. Don’t take any risk that can make the sticker looks poorly. But, choose the best and trusted printing service for it!

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