Types of Rubber Stamps in Singapore: What Are the Differences and Which is the Best?

by Jay Wong
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With the advances in technology, there have been innovations and changes in rubber stamps that resulted in at least two more types of rubber stamp in Singapore. If you are only familiar with the traditional rubber stamp that requires a separate ink pad to leave imprint on paper or other surfaces, you definitely need to get to know pre inked stamp and self inking stamp.

Pre inked stamp and self inking stamp are the slightly more sophisticated types of stamp that does not require a separate ink pad. They make it possible for you to make a cleaner and faster stamping process. The impressions made are also more consistent, crisper, and also sharper compared to the traditional rubber stamp.

You might be wondering what are the differences between the pre inked stamp and the self inking stamp?

Well, they aren’t very much different. To put it simply, a pre inked stamp has an ink reservoir behing the stamp. This reservoir is filled with oil based ink. You must pay attention to the right type of ink for the type of stamp you choose so that it can work well. A self inking stamp, on the other hand, uses water based ink to ink the built in ink pad that automatically re inks itself after each impression is made.

Then, which is better? Which is more suitable for you? These questions might pop out after you’ve learned about the mechanism of the two rubber stamps.

The answer depends on how you plan to use your stamp. Let’s compare the three stamps (traditional, pre inked, and self inking) especially looking at their advantages compared to each other.

The traditional rubber stamp is best using specialty ink since it has a separate ink pad. With a separate ink pad, it is possible for you to use multiple ink colors with the same stamp. Meanwhile, if you choose to use pre inked stamp, its best quality is that it can last a long time without needing to be re-inked. However, this can make it more expensive. A pre inked stamp is good for stamp design that is intricate. Since it supports high quality imprint, it can really leave a great impression on paper or other surfaces. Now, the self inking stamp is great since it is most affordable. It is especially good for large quantity stamping. They can also use a variety of inks.

Another good question about these stamps is probably about how do you get one? The answer is simple: a stamp manufacturer or a printing shop. They are the ones who are able to produce stamps for you. A little tip regarding finding the right place to get your stamp: really explore your options. Try to find one with the best portfolio and testimonials so that you can be sure of the quality they are able to provide. It is best if they can show a sample of their past work for you and see if they fit the quality you prefer. And of course, the budget that you have as well.

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