The Difference Between Cutting Sticker and Printing Sticker

by Jay Wong
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Stickers can be used for many things, depending on the way you design it. It can be used for labels, showing identity, for marketing, given as freebies, to provide information on packaging, and many other things in Singapore. Digital printing businesses offer different types of sticker printing in Singapore. But mostly, the popular ones are either cutting stickers or printing stickers. If you are one of the people who are confused about the difference between the two types of stickers, then read more to learn further about the differences between cutting stickers and printing stickers.

Fundamentally, the difference between cutting stickers and printing stickers is the machine used to produce the stickers.

Cutting Sticker

As the name goes, you get a cutting sticker with a machine that cuts the material. The cutting refers to cutting the sticker material according to the design that is made. The ideal software for cutting sticker making is Adobe Illustration or any other vector based design software so that it is compatible with the machine.

Printing Sticker

Printing sticker, meanwhile, gets printed on the sticker material with a printer, depending on the type of paper because not all printers can produce all types of papers and not all inks can print on all types of papers as well. Compared to the cutting sticker, the printing sticker is usually cheaper and easier to get too.

Let’s learn further about the differences between the two beyond that.

1. Design

The design for cutting stickers must come in vector as a one line. This line serves as a cutting guide for the cutting sticker machine to follow. Meanwhile, for printing stickers, you can produce your sticker with any design format. But you have to pay attention to the design document dimension to ensure high quality result.

2. Colors

Cutting stickers have less color options compared to printing stickers. It also does not do well for solid colors or non-gradation colors. However, this limitation can be overcome. YOu can use programs like CorelTrace to make sure that the colors come out nicely. If you choose to make cutting stickers, you may need a professional to design it for you because image processing requires more stills and efforts for this type of sticker. Meanwhile, printing stickers have a wider range of available colors. It can print solid colors and gradation as well. It is a lot simpler for beginners, making it possible to make on your own with a laser printer.

If you are still unsure about which one to choose, you should ask a professional or consult with the printing service that you choose. They can give you input based on the design that you’ve already done and try to give you the best result possible.

Other than the method of printing, it is also very important to choose the material for the sticker. For sticker production, there are several different types of papers that you can choose. Although, if you want to get high quality sticker, it is advised to choose vinyl material as it is affordable yet durable.

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