Read These 4 Things First When You Are Going to Buy A Rubber Stamp!

by Brian Dunn
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Rubber stamps are widely used for various kind of things. You can see them at airports, companies, or even at school. Individual person, companies, or even organizations can use the stamp for their job or businesses. If you are interested in having it, then you need to read the following information regarding the rubber stamp below. So here is it! 

1. Find Out the Perfect Rubber Stamp Type Based on Your Need 

What kind of rubber stamp would you like to use? Traditional or classic model, pre-inked stamps, or self-inking stamps? But do you know the difference between the three of rubber stamps? Well, to help you make sure that you have chosen the right rubber stamp, here are some points about the type of stamp that mentioned before.  

  • Traditional or classic. This is a traditional rubber stamp where you have to re-inks your stamp on a separate ink pad. 
  • Pre-inked stamps. Create a very sharp and crisp bold impression! It would be perfect for a stamp with logos! 
  • Self-inking stamps are water-based ink stamp that automatically reink every time the impression is created. That is why it will be perfect for those who stamp in large quantities.  

2. Shape, Size, Ink Colour, And Design! 

Before asking a rubber stamp maker to produce your stamp, you need to have an idea about how your stamp will look like. So, a little preparation and a few decisions are required to help you figure out how your stamp will be. Actually, the title of this point reveals all the things that you need to prepare but for more information, let’s we jump into the details! 

  • First thing first, you have to determine what kind of shape that will be perfect for your stamp. The most popular shapes that many people choose are rectangular and round. 
  • Rubber stamps don’t just come in one size. So, decide the right size based on the type and size of the documents.  
  • Ink colours. The most popular ink colours for stamps are blue. But that doesn’t mean if blue is the only colour you can choose for your stamp. Some of the alternatives for the ink colours are red, green, black, purple, and orange.  
  • Design. If your stamp has a specific design, then prepare it before you ask the maker to engrave it.  

3. Find a Rubber Stamp Maker 

You have to find a stamp maker for manufacturing your stamp, right? We can say that a rubber stamp maker is quite easy to find around. You can even find many of rubber stamp makers on the internet! But please note that you should find a maker based not only on the price they offer but also on the quality of their expertise to produce your stamp. How great their ability and experience to create the stamp will determine the result and durability of your stamp. If you think about finding a maker that has a specialty in making a rubber stamp but offers stamps at the cheapest and affordable prices at the same time, then you should consider making your stamp at Singapore rubber stamp

4. A Few Tips! 

Before buying the stamp, here are a few more tips you can follow! Hope that you think it will be useful for you! 

  • Whether you want to order your stamp online or offline, please read customer reviews first to know exactly the result of the maker’s work. Watch more details for recent reviews instead of the old comments.   
  • Look for the average price on the internet first if you want to buy it offline. So, you’ll know exactly how much money you need to spend on your stamp. 
  • Make sure that the stamp produces an impression with legible information.

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