Great Qualities of UV Sticker Printing

by Brian Dunn
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Stickers is one of the highest ordered printing items to these days because it is such a versatile item that can be used for many purposes. You can choose to print your stickers for your own use, you can sell them, you can print them as a small marketing tool, or perhaps you are printing stickers to provide information on packaging. Of course, that’s not everything that a sticker can do. As long as you know how to design it well, you can create a sticker any way you want. 

These days, UV stickers are getting popular. You might be wondering what exactly is UV sticker? 

Well, it is the process to produce stickers with UV ink printing. 

What are the differences between the UV ink and the normal ink? This is a good question. 

The ink that is commonly used for a lot of printers is water or solvent based flexographic inks. These types of inks get a percentage of the ink evaporates when dried. Of course, this can be countered by adding more coat of ink and apply coating on it to enhance durability. 

Meanwhile, the UV inks don’t air dry as the normal ink dose. UV inks are thicker and it appears to be more of a sheet of color instead of a solution of water and ink. The UV ink is exposed to concentrated UV light once printed that makes it possible for the ink to solidify further. With a higher density, the UV ink can produce higher quality printing results with less color bleed and images that are crisper. 

Surely, this makes the UV ink more durable than the normal solvent based ink. It is resistant to chemical and light while it can retain its color consistency. 

That is not all. The UV ink ends up reducing waste, labor, and energy compared to the results achieved using normal ink. It is because the UV inks don’t dry or cure until they get in contact with a UV light that solidifies the ink. You only require less volume to create vibrant colors compared to the solvent-based inks. 

These outstanding qualities of the UV inks also apply for sticker printing. UV stickers are popular, and they are definitely high quality stickers. You might think that this is only possible to be done with small sized stickers, but no.  

Kiasu Print, one of the best printing services in Singapore can offer large format UV sticker printing that can be used on many different places such as glass doors, window panes, display glass panels, acrylic signages, and many more. 

Of course, since it is a printing shop that also provides online services, it is definitely convenient. You won’t have to waste your time commuting back and forth just to make your orders and take it once you’re done. Kiasu Print offers you high quality UV stickers at an affordable price that get delivered straight to your doorstep once done. So make your order today and get yourself your own UV stickers for your various needs.

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