Follow These 6 Major Steps to Create a Name Card

by Brian Dunn
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In a business or professional area, a name card is something that you’ll need. The various benefit you can get by using it. Enlarge networking and open new opportunities are two of the examples of the benefits. But, why people choose to use a name card to enlarge their network and open new opportunities? The reason varies depending on the person. But, it can be because the name card is affordable, versatile, easy to make, and many more reasons.  

As mentioned before, the name card is easy to make. If you are interested to make one for you, then you need to know the major step of the process of making it. There are 6 primary steps that you can follow. So, here are the steps! 

1. Prepare the Required Information 

Basically, a name card is a small card that provides personal information about its owner. So, the information becomes a fundamental part of the card. Here is the list of the information that required on the name card: 

  • Name (Your name or company name); 
  • Field of business, job, or specialty;
  • Company; 
  • Phone number; 
  • Email; 
  • Address; 
  • Website; 
  • Logo, etc. 

2. Look for References 

To make a good name card, you are recommended to have a look at another name card as your reference before you make a design. The easiest way, you can find it on the internet. By seeing a lot of references, you can identify how a great name card looked like based on your style. Also, by looking for some references, you can spark the new idea or creativity to be applied on your name card. Remember, references are something to learn from, not to be plagiarised. 

3. Make a Concept 

What do you want to show on the name card as your impression? Since a name card represents yourself, then you can make a list first to know the things you want to represent on it. But it doesn’t mean that you have to be another person on it. Keep being yourself and show your best version on it. 

4. Start to Design 

You can begin to execute your concept when you start to design. There are a lot of design apps you can use for making it, but you can also make it by using a business card template that provides by Microsoft Word. Choose the perfect color that represents your concept. Also, avoid making the card overdesign.  

5. Check the Typographical Error 

Please, before you print the card, you need to check the typographical error on the design. You can lose the opportunity because of the typographical error. For example, you might not receive the business email that people send to you because there is any typo on your email contact. So, never print the design before you make sure about the typographical error. 

6. Print Name Card 

So, here is the last step in making a name card. If you consider making your card appealing,  then the professional printing service will be the best choice for you. As your alternative, you can go to name card printing in Singapore to help you get a good quality result of printing. Don’t ruin your first impression by having a bad-looking name card since it represents yourself. So, do your best to represent your best self! 

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