Do’s and Don’ts in Making Guest Lists and Wedding Invitation Cards

by Brian Dunn
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For those who are in the process of preparing a wedding event, you must be realized that you do not just handle a few preparations. You have the responsibility to prepare and complete many things for your wedding, including the guest list and wedding invitation cards. So, to help you prepare your guest list and invitation cards, here is a list of dos and don’ts that you can follow during the preparation process for both of these things.  


1. Determine the Budget for Making Wedding Invitation Cards 

You have to set a budget not only for making the invitation card but also for all the elements that need to be prepared. Having clear information about the budget allocated for the invitation card helps you avoid overspending. That’s crucial since the wedding event will be one of the most expensive parties that you will have in your life! 

2. Ask Your Parents or Future In-Law About the Guest List 

You can’t compile a guest list only by yourself. You must have known that discussing it with your partner is required. But it would better for both of you to ask and involve your parents in compiling the guest list. That’s not something that you must do, but if they take part to fund your wedding, it would be great to divvy up the guest list for them too. 

3. Knowing the Time! 

When should I start making a guest list? Is it great to send invitation cards a month before the wedding? So, to help you find the answers, here are a few steps and times for you to make and send a wedding invitation card! 

  • Start making a guest list: 12 -9 months in advance 
  • Design and print invitation cards: 5 – 4 months in advance 
  • Sending out invitation cards: 8 – 6 weeks in advance 


1. Choosing A Printing Service Only Because Of The Price 

The quality print is one of the main things that determine the result of your invitation. That’s why you need to find a wedding invitation card printing service that not only offers the cheapest prices but also high-quality prints.  

2. Send Digital Invitations to Everyone 

Yes, you can minimize the expenses once you decide to send digital wedding invitations. There is nothing wrong with that, but you need to know that not everyone able to use the internet and technology. For instance, your grandmother perhaps doesn’t know how social media and email work. So, send them digital invitations will be useless. 

3. Wrong spelled name 

One of the most common mistakes to avoid in creating invitation cards is the incorrect spelled of the recipient’s name. They might become confused about who belongs to the invitation card since the name written on the invitation is not theirs. Besides, some people feel uncomfortable because their name is spelled wrong. That’s why this should be avoided. You can minimize the risk of misspellings by double-checking recipients’ names and addresses before the invitation is sent. 

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