4 Frequently Asked Questions About Common or Company Seals

by Brian Dunn
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An authorized document is one of the regular things in a business. Usually, before the document is validated, it will be signed by the decision-maker or the authority. However, sometimes the signature won’t be sufficient for specific documents. Because of that, a company stamp or common seal will be added and affixed on it. You may be familiar with the company stamp due to its frequent use. But how about the company seal? Are you familiar with that? If that sparks more questions in your head or if you want to know more about the common seal, then keep reading!!

1. What Is Common Or Company Seal?

As mentioned earlier, if the signature won’t be enough to authorize a particular document, then a company seal will be affixed on it. So, common or company seal is a seal that own by the company for authorized the high-level documents. Some may say that it is the company’s official signature to make it easier to understand. You can’t use it arbitrarily, since it only will be applied to the high-level and vital document, one of the examples is deeds. However, the use of the seal is not only limited to the company or organization, but it can also be used by an individual person to process legal documents.

2. What Is The Purpose Of Using It?

A common seal is used as a representation that the company support and agrees with the act and deed. Therefore, approval from all of the decision-makers must be obtained before the seal can be affixed on the document. That’s why common seal only will be applied to vital documents, for instance, deed, certificate, contracts, land transfer documents, and the other essential corporate documents. By affixing the seal, it also makes the document more authentic. Beside, affixing the seal also can minimize the risk of the document forgery.

Note: Ask the professional about the application of a common seal if you have no understanding about using it.

3. What Is Include On It?

Since a common seal can be a symbol that the documents were verified by the company or organization, then a seal must be included some of the required information. So, here are the things that should be included in it!

  1. Name of the company;
  2. Logo;
  3. Incorporated Year;
  4. Registration number;
  5. State which it is filed.

4. How To Get It?

You can follow these steps for acquiring the common seal. So, let’s jump to the details!

  1. Since you will need the name of the state that you registered your company on the seal, then the first that you need to do is register your business.
  2. Get your seal before registering your company, since it is one of the mandatory. You can buy the seal on the office supply store or try to visit Singapore common seal.
  3. But before you get the seal, don’t forget to prepare the required information for it.

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